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Our Solutions

How Our Robots Operate

OrderWise Warehouse Robotics are Goods-to-Person machines, which means they will operate in a robot-only grid system, bringing products to pickers situated at designated fulfilment stations as required.

Typical warehouse pickers will spend 50-70% of their time travelling the warehouse, so by bringing products over to pickers instead, OrderWise Warehouse Robots can ensure that your pickers spend their time doing what they are employed to do – fulfilling orders.

With the flexibility for our robots to then be linked seamlessly to your OrderWise, SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics or alternative ERP software, you can be sure there is an OW Robotics solution that fits your business.

Fast One Touch Fulfilment

In an operation managed by OrderWise Warehouse Robotics, products are stored on configurable mobile racking/shelves called pods. Eliminating travel time, pods are lifted by the robot and delivered to a designated picking station.

Our pods have been specially designed in-house to hold a wide array of stock, so whether you need to store EU/UK pallets, clothing racks or compartmental pick faces, our pods can be configured as required. Once pods are delivered to a picking station, a person will pick products from a pod and pack the items straight away, or amalgamate line items from multiple pods within a pick wall, ready for packing.

By having orders shipped in this manner, businesses can ensure maximum productivity is always achieved and throughput is massively increased through using fast, single touch fulfilment.

Robot Only Grid For Maximum Efficiency

Our pods are designed to be stored in a robot only zone called a grid. Within this grid, robots are automatically instructed by the Robot Control System (RCS) to travel along the magnetic grid lines and collect the required pods.

Products are loaded onto a pod either by hand or by forklift at what is known as a replenishment station. Once the products have been added to the pod, the robot will return it for storage within the grid until the goods are required for picking. By keeping this grid as a robot only zone, businesses don’t have the hassle of extra health and safety considerations, while also enabling our robots to travel faster when storing and collecting stock.

Solutions To Get You Started With Warehouse Automation

OWR solutions have been purposefully designed to be scalable to a variety of different sized operations, while also being delivered at an affordable rate.

As an example, a typical OWR starter solution can consist of:

  • 10 robots
  • 300 pods
  • 3 picking stations
  • 1 replenishment station

Solutions To Give Your Business The Competitive Edge

Whether you are looking to simply streamline order fulfilment and lower your costs, or completely revolutionise your current warehouse operations and add a sense of prestige, OWR can deliver a solution that gives your business the edge over competitors.

As an example, a typical OWR enterprise solution can consist of: 

  • 40 robots
  • 1,200 pods
  • 8 picking stations
  • 3 replenishment stations