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Our Software

Seamless Integration To Your Existing ERP

Where most robot software will only cover the very basic elements of stock management, OWR goes further by utilising the wealth of information stored within our Robot Control System (RCS) to help our robots work smarter than other solutions. 

Whether you are using NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or another ERP software, our Robot Control System is able to integrate to your existing system to ensure data is always accurately shared between both solutions. If you use the OrderWise Business Management Software currently, then you are already set up to use our innovative warehouse robotics seamlessly alongside your existing OrderWise solution.

Through this secure integration, our RCS will automatically pull in any sales orders from your ERP that require picking. Smart automated pick assignment will then enable our robots to spring into life and collect the necessary pods ready for fast, one-touch fulfilment at designated picking stations. Once the order has been collected and shipped, the RCS will then send back despatch updates to your ERP software so that your customers are kept in the loop regarding order progress.

Fast Handling of Stock Replenishment & Goods In

Through the RCS, businesses can ensure all products are properly and swiftly handled when they arrive into stock, including functionality to effectively book in pallets of stock and goods arriving in containers. These can then be added to bulk stock and high racking or loaded onto the robot grid area ready for picking.

As goods are depleted, the RCS will also automatically generate any necessary stock replenishments to allow goods to be moved from bulk stock areas and loaded onto the robot pick area as needed. Through this timely and intelligent handling of stock requirements throughout the day, businesses using OrderWise Warehouse Robotics for their logistics and fulfilment can always ensure they are picking at maximum capacity.

Continuously Developed and Ever-Evolving

With over £2 Million invested each year into ongoing research, innovation, development and testing of the OrderWise Robot Control System, you can ensure your investment into our robotic solutions is fully future-proofed.

With a new version released every single month to help keep the software supporting your robotics solution cutting-edge, you can benefit from a continuously enhanced product that ensures your robots are always using functionality that keeps your operations streamlined.

Testimonials For Our Software

With over 1,500 companies across the UK & Ireland already using our software to manage all aspects of their warehouse operations daily, you can be sure that by partnering with OrderWise you are investing in a proven and trusted supplier. But don’t just take our word for it, here is what businesses say about OrderWise:

“It’s all about integration, that’s the most important thing. Now you can take an order on the website and it will go all the way through to being picked and invoiced, all in one simple process.

The thing that we found OrderWise are great for, are helping us develop as a joint partner; we don’t look at OrderWise as just a supplier. For us, OrderWise are a partnership, who work very, very closely with us. They come up with some fantastic ideas and they help us to continue to grow.”

– Guy Perry, A. Perry

“The website is now fully integrated with OrderWise. A customer orders online and the order is being picked 10 minutes later. Nobody touches it in between that. It’s simply imported as a standard OrderWise order and the despatch tracking information is updated on the website minutes later. The potential is limitless.”

– Ian Shay, L&S Engineers