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Our Robots

Power And Speed

OrderWise Warehouse Robots boast a powerful engineering framework intended for fast fulfilment, along with a specially designed, robust chassis that is built to withstand any testing warehouse conditions.

This ideal combination of both speed and power enables OrderWise Warehouse Robots to lift heavier loads than most standard robotic systems. With flexible pod configurations allowing our robots to quickly transport up to full pallets of stock across to designated picking stations, you can be sure that every order you fulfil is quickly and cost-effectively shipped.

Operational 24/7

With the ability to operate under no heating or lighting, OrderWise Warehouse Robots can work through the night at extremely low energy costs.

This enables maximum efficiency to be achieved at all times, with robots able to collect pods and queue them up ready for when picking shifts begin the next day, allowing picks to start immediately without any travel time.

With the OrderWise software also knowing the usage of stock, OrderWise Warehouse Robots are also able to autonomously reorganise pods during the night. This means popular pods can be brought nearer to picking stations, with less frequently used items moved to the back of the warehouse so further efficiency and cost-savings can be achieved.

Technical Specification

OrderWise Warehouse Robots travel across a permanent magnetic grid, which is both cost-effective to install and carries a lower risk of travel disruption compared to other common grid formats.

With a fast travel speed of up to 1.2m/s, a large 1000kg weight capacity and operational battery capacity of up to 16 hours, OrderWise Warehouse Robots are built to offer far greater picking and packing efficiency all year-round.

With the additional ability to top up charge in 2 hours, you can ensure that robot downtime is kept to a minimum and your warehouse is always working at maximum productivity.

Weight 239kg (unloaded)
Dimensions 1181x610x452mm
Payload Up to 1000kg
Travel Speed Up to 1.2 m/s
Charging 230v
Operation Up to 16 hours
Recharge 2 hour top up charge


Scalable Pod Configuration To Suit Your Business

As a robotics provider, we understand that every business is different – from the type of products being sold, to the number of orders being processed daily and the number of locations being used to hold and ship stock.

That’s why our pods have been specially designed in-house to be able to hold a wide array of stock, with the flexibility to carry your products regardless of the size and shape in which they arrive. So, whether you are holding EU or UK pallets, clothing racks, small pick faces or something else entirely, our scalable pod solutions can be altered to suit your needs.

What’s more without the need for staff to navigate between them our pods can be more densely packed together, offering 33% more space efficiency than any standard warehouse racking.